Using turbulence with brush stroke tubes

In the ocean, kelp would react to the turbulence created by ocean currents. The tube attributes associated with many preset brushes have turbulence attributes turned on for interesting visual effects. Turbulence attributes can be increased from their default settings to make the kelp sway back and forth, providing additional realism when used in an animation.

To increase the turbulence on the kelp brush tube

  1. In the scene view, select the kelp stroke.
  2. Open the Attribute Editor, select the Kelp tab, and expand the Tubes > Behavior > Turbulence section.

  3. In the Turbulence section, set the options as follows:
    • Turbulence Type: World Force
    • Interpolation: Smooth over Time and Space
    • Turbulence: 0.5
    • Frequency: 0.5
  4. Click the Play Forward button on the Animation Time Slider to see the turbulence effect on the kelp (You don’t need to set specific keyframes).

    The kelp animates as if it were affected by ocean currents.

  5. Press the Stop button to cancel the animation playback.

    You can adjust the turbulence settings while viewing the playback. If the frame range is too short, you can modify it to suit your needs.