Selecting components by painting

You can delete some of the faces that are not needed on the front and lower section of the helmet mesh using the Paint Selection Tool. This is useful when you need to select components that are in an irregular region and are not easily selected using the bounding box.

To select faces for deletion using the Paint Selection Tool

  1. In the Toolbox, click the Paint Selection Tool icon.

  2. In the side view, right-click the helmet mesh and select Face from the marking menu that appears.
  3. In the side view, paint select the faces that appear along the front and lower areas of the mesh (see image) by dragging the mouse over the faces.
    NoteThe Paint Selection Tool only selects components on the mesh that face towards the camera.

  4. Press the delete key to delete the selected faces.
  5. Tumble the perspective view to review your work so far.

    The edges that reside along the outside perimeter of a polygon mesh, called border edges, are displayed with a thicker line than the interior edges on the mesh. You set this display setting early in the lesson so you could differentiate this edge type from other edges.