Making the hair collide with another object

To have hair interact with a surface, you must set the hair to collide with the surface. A collision object can be a NURBS or polygonal surface. In the next part of the lesson you set the curtain to collide with the sphere and then play the simulation.

To enhance the curtain for collisions

  1. To select the hair system, drag around the hair curves and then select Hair > Convert Selection > To Hair Systems.
  2. In the hairSystemShape1 tab of the Attribute Editor, set the hair system attributes as follows:
    • In the Clump and Hair Shape section, set Clump Width to 0.
    • In the Dynamics section, set Stiffness to 0.

To make the hair collide with the sphere

  1. Select the hair system and the sphere (drag around the hair curves and sphere).
  2. Select Hair > Make Collide.
  3. Play the simulation.

    Now the sphere collides with the curtain, pushing the strands of hair aside as it passes through.