Adding color to Density and Temperature

Use the built-in shader to modify the color of Density and Temperature in the container.

To add color to the Density and Temperature

  1. Choose the Select Tool (Hotkey: q) to leave the Paint Fluids Tool. The manipulators disappear and now you see the fluid as it will render

  2. With the fluid container selected, open the Attribute Editor.
  3. Change the color of the fluid as follows:
    • In the Shading section of the Attribute Editor, expand the Color section, and change Color Input to Density.
    • The Density values in the container will now take on the colors defined on the color bar.
    • Click the Selected Color swatch. The Color Chooser opens.
    • Select black in the Color Chooser.
    • Move your mouse off the Color Chooser to close it.

    The Density turns black.

    Look closely at the center of the fluid. The area where you painted Temperature has a reddish orange color. In the Incandescence section of the Attribute Editor, notice that Incandescence Input is set to Temperature. Temperature gives off light and Incandescence controls the amount of light emitted from regions of Density due to self illumination. The ramp defines the color of this light.

  4. Play the simulation using the playback controls at the bottom of the Maya window.

    By frame 160, most of the Density values have reacted completely.