Creating particle objects

In the following steps, you’ll create a particle object made of 100 randomly positioned particles displayed as tiny spheres. You’ll also dynamically add an attribute to the particles. To color particles with an expression, Maya requires you to dynamically add the appropriate attribute.

To create a particle object

  1. Make sure you’ve done the steps in Preparing for the lessons.
  2. From the Dynamics menu set, select Particles > Particle Tool > .
  3. In the Tool Settings window, click Reset Tool, and set the following options:
    • Particle Name: Bubbles
    • Number of Particles: 100
    • Maximum Radius: 5
    • Click in the scene view (roughly in the center) to create the 100-particle object.
  4. From the Toolbox, select the Selection Tool so that particles become selected.
  5. With Bubbles selected, display the Attribute Editor.
  6. In the Attribute Editor, select the BubblesShape tab, and then open the Render Attributes section and set the following:
    • Particle Render Type: Spheres
    • Add Attributes For: Click Current Render Type.
    • Radius: 0.5

  7. In the Add Dynamic Attributes section of the Attribute Editor, click Color. A window appears that prompts you to choose whether to add the attribute per object, per particle, or connected to a shader.
  8. Turn on Add Per Particle Attribute, then click Add Attribute.

    This adds an RGB PP attribute to the particle shape node for Bubbles. Because you’re adding this attribute as a per particle attribute, you can give each particle a different color.