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A curveFromMesh node is the basis node for curveFromMeshIso, curveFromMeshBnd, and curveFromMeshCos. This node describes a NURBS curve derived from a mesh edge or a face boundary. The resulting NURBS curve is the attribute "outputCurve" and its extent can be controlled by the minValue and maxValue parameters.

This node is abstract

Node name Parents MFn type Compatible function sets
curveFromMesh dependNode

Related nodes

curveFromMeshEdge, curveFromSurface, curveFromSurfaceIso, curveFromSurfaceCoS, curveFromSurfaceBnd, curveInfo

Attributes (2)

inputMesh, outputCurve

Long name (short name) Type Default Flags
inputMesh (im) mesh NULL outputinputconnectable
The input mesh
outputCurve (oc) nurbsCurve NULL outputconnectable
The output curve