MVector Member List

This is the complete list of members for MVector, including all inherited members.
angle(const MVector &other) const MVector
Axis enum name MVector
get(double[3]) const MVector [inline]
isEquivalent(const MVector &other, double tolerance=1.0e-10) const MVector [inline]
isParallel(const MVector &other, double tolerance=1.0e-10) const MVector
kWaxis enum value MVector
kXaxis enum value MVector
kYaxis enum value MVector
kZaxis enum value MVector
length() const MVector [inline]
MVector() MVector [inline]
MVector(const MVector &) MVector [inline]
MVector(const MFloatPoint &) MVector
MVector(const MFloatVector &) MVector
MVector(const MPoint &) MVector
MVector(double xx, double yy, double zz=0.0) MVector [inline]
MVector(const double d[3]) MVector [inline]
normal() const MVector [inline]
normalize() MVector [inline]
one MVector [static]
operator!=(const MVector &other) const MVector [inline]
operator()(unsigned int i) const MVector [inline]
operator()(unsigned int i) MVector [inline]
operator*(const MVector &right) const MVector [inline]
operator*(double scalar) const MVector [inline]
operator*(const MMatrix &) const MVector
operator*(const MMatrix &, const MVector &) MVector [friend]
operator*(int, const MVector &) MVector [friend]
operator*(short, const MVector &) MVector [friend]
operator*(unsigned int, const MVector &) MVector [friend]
operator*(unsigned short, const MVector &) MVector [friend]
operator*(float, const MVector &) MVector [friend]
operator*(double, const MVector &) MVector [friend]
operator*=(double scalar) MVector [inline]
operator*=(const MMatrix &) MVector
operator+(const MVector &other) const MVector [inline]
operator+=(const MVector &other) MVector [inline]
operator-() const MVector [inline]
operator-(const MVector &other) const MVector [inline]
operator-=(const MVector &other) MVector [inline]
operator/(double scalar) const MVector [inline]
operator/=(double scalar) MVector [inline]
operator<<(std::ostream &os, const MVector &v) MVector [friend]
operator=(const MVector &src) MVector [inline]
operator==(const MVector &other) const MVector [inline]
operator[](unsigned int i) const MVector [inline]
operator[](unsigned int i) MVector [inline]
operator^(const MVector &right) const MVector [inline]
rotateBy(double x, double y, double z, double w) const MVector
rotateBy(const double rotXYZ[3], MTransformationMatrix::RotationOrder order) const MVector
rotateBy(MVector::Axis axis, const double angle) const MVector
rotateBy(const MQuaternion &) const MVector
rotateBy(const MEulerRotation &) const MVector
rotateTo(const MVector &) const MVector
transformAsNormal(const MMatrix &matrix) const MVector
x MVector
xAxis MVector [static]
xNegAxis MVector [static]
y MVector
yAxis MVector [static]
yNegAxis MVector [static]
z MVector
zAxis MVector [static]
zero MVector [static]
zNegAxis MVector [static]
~MVector() MVector [inline]

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