Import a VRML2 file using wrl2ma

The wrl2ma stand-alone program lets you convert VRML2 files to Maya ASCII.

The vrml2 importers include:

(Linux and Mac OS X) wrl2ma

(Windows) wrl2ma.exe

The conversion includes:

To use wrl2ma

  1. Specify the input .wrl file and the output .ma file, and also specify the extensions you want.

For example, type something similar to the following in a system shell or terminal:

wrl2ma -i Porsc911.wrl -o

This example converts the VRML file Porsc911.wrl to a Maya 2010 ASCII file named The command provides the following options:

Options What it does


Prints the help file

-i <inputFile>

Specifies the input file to convert

-o <outputFile>

Specifies the output file to save to


Assume input file was output by Maya


Prints verbose messages


Uses a debugging aid to see how the libvrml97 scene parser parses the original VRML file.