Products Version Software Cut CD Version CD Date Notes
S/D/PA/WA/A/AS/R 7.5.2[1] 9611190311 V7.5.2 Nov/96 Fix-on-Fail only
S/D/PA/WA/A/AS/R 7.5.1[1] 9610220218 V7.5.1 Oct/96 Composer 4.0.3/Vizpaint 3.2.5/awxfiles 1.0.3 also included
S/D/PA/WA/A/AS/R 3DCD[1] V7.5 3DCD Sep/96 Online Help, 3DCD[2], CourseWare.
S/D/PA/WA/A/AS/R 7.5[1] 9609191752 V7.5 Sep/96 Composer 4.0.1/Vizpaint 3.2.2/awxfiles 1.0.3 also included
S/D/PA/WA/A/AS/R 7.5 Beta 4 9607311038 V7.5 Beta 4 Aug/96 no Composer/Vizpaint
S/D/PA/WA/A/AS/R 7.5 Beta 2 9606261926 V7.5 Beta 2 July/96 no Composer/Vizpaint
S/D/PA/WA/A/AS/R 7.5 Beta 1 9606030230 V7.5 Beta 1 June/96 no Composer/Vizpaint

S=Studio D=Designer PA=PowerAnimator WA= Web|Animator A=Animator AS=AutoStudio R=Render S/W (or Standalones)
[1] Alias is distributed as 2 CDs. The Applications, ODS, plugins, etc., are on one CD; 3DCD, On-line Help and CourseWare files are on a second CD
[2] Terraformer can be found in the 3DCD/wire/terraformer directory on 3DCD. Terraformer is an unsupported gift.


The V7.5 release is fully qualified and supported only under IRIX 6.2. V7.5.1 is also fully qualified and supported under IRIX 6.3 running on R5000 O2 systems.
Eight-bit graphics configurations are not supported.

Alias has gone through an extensive testing and qualification cycle and has worked with SGI to ensure that IRIX 6.2 fully supports V7.5.

V7.5 will load and run under IRIX 5.3 and many systems (Indy, Indigo2 Extreme) are problem-free in this configuration. However, should you encounter a graphics related problem (such as picking not working as expected or portions of the display not being refreshed correctly), the Assist Hotline will only be able to recommend that you "upgrade to IRIX 6.2 including any indicated patches." Assist will still be able to answer questions about the functionality of the package.

Whether you choose to run V7.5 under IRIX 5.3 or IRIX 6.2, it is crucial that operating system patches be applied in order to rectify known problems that will seriously impede the usability and/or stability of V7.5. Please see the Qualification Chart for exact details.

How To Obtain IRIX 6.2

Customers with valid SGI software support should have already received IRIX 6.2, which was sent out starting in May 1996. Customers who have not received IRIX 6.2 yet, in North America should call the Technical Assistance Center at 1-800-800-4744. International customers should call their local SGI office.

How To Obtain IRIX Patches

Customers with valid SGI software support can gain access to patches through the worldwide web:

Customers without worldwide web access should call the Technical Assistance Center or their local SGI office as indicated above.

Alias V7.5.1 Qualification Chart
Hardware Qualified on IRIX... Will run on IRIX...
O2R5000 6.3
Indigo2 R10000 Max Impact 6.2 [1] [4]
Indigo2 R10000 High Impact 6.2 [1] [4]
Indigo2 R10000 Solid Impact 6.2 [1] [4]
Indigo2 R10000 Killer Impact 6.2 [1] [4]
Indigo2 R4400 Max Impact 6.2 [1] [4] 5.3 all impact [3] [6]
Indigo2 R4400 High Impact 6.2 [1] [4] 5.3 all impact [3] [6]
Indigo2 R4400 Solid Impact 6.2 [1] [4] 5.3 all impact [3] [6]
Power Indigo2 R8000 [7] 6.2 [1] 6.0.1
All other Indigo2 6.2 [1] 5.3 [5] [6]
Crimson RealityEngine Untested:Unqualified: 6.2 [1][8] NONE
Crimson Elan Untested:Unqualified: 6.2 [1][8] NONE
Onyx R4400, VTX, RealityEngine2 6.2 [1][8] NONE
Onyx R10000, VTX, RealityEngine2 Untested/Unqualified: 6.2 [1][8] NONE
Onyx R4400 InfiniteReality 6.2 [1] NONE
Onyx R10000 InfiniteReality Untested/Unqualified: 6.2 [1] NONE
Power Onyx R8000 NOT QUALIFIED
Onyx2, RealityEngine, InfiniteReality UNTESTED. NOT QUALIFIED
Challenge R4400 6.2 5.3 [6]
Power Challenge R8000 NOT QUALIFIED
Power Challenge R10000 6.2
Origin 200, 2000 NOT QUALIFIED. Renderers cannot be licensed for Origin
Indy R4000, R4400, R4600, R5000 with 24bit graphics 6.2 [1] 5.3 [5] [6]
Indigo R4000 with 24 bit graphics 6.2 [1] 5.3 [5] [6]
Indigo R4000 with 8 bit graphics INTERACTIVE APPLICATIONS CANNOT RUN

Hardware Notes
For any product other than Render Software, all SGIs require a z-buffer, except Indy XL, and Indigo2 XL.

Patch Notes
All IRIX 6.2 machines except for systems with InfiniteReality graphics should have patches 1406, 1429 and 1584. Systems with InfiniteReality graphics only require patch 1429 and should not have 1406 installed.
[2] At time of press, only the 195 MHz R10000 Solid Impact has been qualified for use with V7.5.
[3] In addition to IRIX 5.3 All Impact, patches 1332 & 1271 should also be installed.
1332 is currently not available from the SGI web site, but it can be obtained from the Technical Assistance Center.(1-800-800-4744)
[4] For all Impact Graphics, IRIX 6.2 machines, patch 1447 should be installed.
[5] For all Non-Impact Graphics, IRIX 5.3 machines, patch 1402 should be installed.
[6] C++ ODS (Open Digital Studio) Developers will require patch 1130 on IRIX 5.3.
[7] Alias runs in compatibility mode (i.e., Alias is not compiled native for R8000).
[8] Systems with RealityEngine2 graphics require patch 1442. The X-Server may periodically crash when running V7.5 without this patch.


Alias 7.5 IS NOT QUALIFIED for R2000 and R3000 based systems:

In addition, the following Graphics Systems ARE NOT QUALIFIED:

This table indicates the last version of IRIX and Alias software supported on these platforms:
Hardware Family CPU Graphics System Last version of IRIX supported Last version of Alias supported
4D/50, 4D/60, 4D/70, 4D/80, 4D/85
IP4 G Graphics IRIX 4.0.5 October 1994 (V5.1.1)
4D/50, 4D/60, 4D/70, 4D/80, 4D/85
IP4 GT Graphics IRIX 5.3 October 1994 (V5.1.1)
4 Server 8, CS12
IP4 Servers IRIX 5.3 October 1994 (V5.1.1)
Personal Iris:
4D/20, 4D/25
IP6 All Graphics, Servers IRIX 5.3 March 1996 (V7.0.1/V7.0.1a)
Personal Iris:
4D/30, 4D/35
IP12 All Graphics, Servers IRIX 5.3 March 1996 (V7.0.1/V7.0.1a)
Power Series:
IP5 All Graphics, Servers IRIX 5.3 March 1996 (V7.0.1/V7.0.1a)
Power Series:
IP7, IP9 All Graphics, Servers IRIX 5.3 March 1996 (V7.0.1/V7.0.1a)
Power Series:
IP7 All Graphics, Servers IRIX 5.3 March 1996 (V7.0.1/V7.0.1a)
Power Series:
IP7 All Graphics, Servers IRIX 5.3 March 1996 (V7.0.1/V7.0.1a)
Indigo R3000
IP12 All Graphics, Servers IRIX 5.3 March 1996 (V7.0.1/V7.0.1a)
IP17 GT, GTX IRIX 5.3 October 1994 (V5.1.1)
IP17 VGX IRIX 5.3 September 95 (V6.0b)
Any Any 8-bit IRIX 5.3 March 1996 (V7.0.1/V7.0.1a)

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