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Alias v7.0 versions
Products Version Software Cut CD Version CD Date Also on CD
S/D/PA/A/AS/R 7.0 9511170220 V7.0gold Nov95 GET, Composer, Vizpaint, 3Design. [2]
S/D/PA/A/AS/R 7.0beta4 9510191125 V7.0beta4 Oct95 SP 3.0beta4
S/D/PA/A/AS/R 7.0beta3 9509290228 V7.0beta3 Oct95 SP 3.0beta3
S/D/PA/A/AS/R 7.0beta2 9508311921 V7.0beta2 Aug95 SP 3.0beta2
S/D/PA/A/AS/R 7.0beta1 9508040836 V7.0beta1 Aug95 SP 3.0beta1
Hardware Operating System [SGI IRIX]
Indigo2 High Impact 5.3 for Indigo2 Impact
All other Indigo2 5.3
Crimson, Power Series, Onyx, Challenge 5.3
Personal Iris, Indy, Indigo 5.3
Power Indigo2 R8000 [1] 6.0.1

[1] Alias tablet support does not (?) work but will work in the near future; Alias runs in compatibility mode (ie: Alias is not compiled native for R8000)
[2] Alias is now 2 CDs; 3DCD and Help files are on a second CD

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