Particle Flow User Interface

This section describes the various interface elements in Particle Flow.

  • Particle View

    Particle View provides the main user interface for creating and modifying particle systems in Particle Flow. The main window, known as the event display, contains the particle diagram, which describes the particle system. A particle system consists of one or more events wired together, each of which contains a list of one or more operators and tests . Operators and tests are known collectively as actions.

  • Particle Flow Source

    The Particle Flow source is the viewport icon for each flow, and also serves as the default emitter. By default, it appears as a rectangle with a central logo (see illustration), but you can change its shape and appearance using the controls described in this topic.

  • Particle Flow Helpers

    In general, Particle Flow helpers take the form of icons that are automatically created in the scene when you add the associated test or operator. A special case is the Particle Paint helper, which must be added explicitly.

  • Particle Flow Keyboard Shortcuts

    To use Particle Flow keyboard shortcuts, the Keyboard Shortcut Override Toggle on the main toolbar must be turned on.

  • MAXScript/CUI-Only Tools

    Particle flow provides two commands for resetting Particle View and for cleaning up Particle Flow. These are available from Customize User Interface and MAXScript.