Generates a SPDL file to describe a Softimage object. This is a low-level API. Normally this method would be used to install a CustomProperty or CustomOperator that has been created in memory. In this circumstance, the purpose of a SPDL file is to remember the PPGLayout, and the logic code between Softimage sessions. If the CustomProperty is only used in a temporary fashion then it is not necessary to use a SPDL file, but if the CustomProperty will be saved in a scene file this is necessary.

Softimage will not use the newly created SPDL file until XSIUtils.RegisterSPDL is called.

Any existing file is overwritten. If there was an existing SPDL file and it was associated with a different type of object then the installation of Softimage may be damaged.

This method can be used to write out the SPDL file for a built-in operator.

When writing out SPDL file for operators the GUID identifying the operator and the GUIDs use in the parameter definitions will always be re-generated when the SPDL is written. This is to ensure that there's no conflict with an installed or in-use operator.

C# Syntax

XSIUtils.WriteSPDL( Object in_object, String in_SpdlFileName );

Scripting Syntax

XSIUtils.WriteSPDL( Object, SpdlFileName );


Parameter Type Description
Object CustomProperty Object that the SPDL file should be based on.
SpdlFileName string Name of the SPDL file. If no path is included then the new SPDL file is saved in the [User Directory]\Application\spdl directory. Any existing SPDL file is replaced.

See Also

XSIUtils.RegisterSPDL XSIUtils.UnregisterSPDL XSIUtils.Reload DataRepository.GetIdentifier SpdlCheck