Generates a new "Globally Unique Identifier" represented as a string. Softimage script writers rarely need to deal with GUIDs, but they are used inside SPDL files, for example when dealing with the Parameter of a custom Shader. Because they are always unique they can also be useful for routine script writing, for example for generating a unique name for a temporary file or as the key in a data structure. Because Guids are difficult to read we do not recommend that they be used for naming any entity that would be exposed to the user.

C# Syntax

String XSIFactory.CreateGuid();

Scripting Syntax

oString = XSIFactory.CreateGuid();

Return Value

String of the format "{xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx}"


VBScript Example

Application.LogMessage XSIFactory.CreateGuid
' Example output (GUID will change each time)
' INFO : "{1F3FE744-8380-4028-94E5-41925428CAE8}"