PPGItem.GetAttribute operator




Gets an attribute on the control. Each control has a collection of attributes which can be used to tweak its appearance or to provide it with additional states. Some of these attributes are general and apply to almost any control, for example siUIAlignCenter. Others are specific to the control, for example siUINoSlider (which only applies to numeric controls).

If the attribute argument is not a recognized attribute the call to read it fails.

For convenience, some of the most common attributes have been exposed directly as properties, for example PPGItem.Label and PPGItem.UIItems.

C# Syntax

Object PPGItem.GetAttribute( String in_AttributeName );

Scripting Syntax

oVariant = PPGItem.GetAttribute( AttributeName );

Return Value



Parameter Type Description
AttributeName siPPGItemAttribute String specifying which attribute to get.

See Also

siPPGItemAttribute PPGItem.SetAttribute