Copy Texture Projection from Source


This node should be plugged into the Execute on Copy port of the Create Copies from Polygon Mesh or Clone Polygon Mesh compound, for example, if you want to copy additional texture projections. You can also plug it into the root after those compounds, but it won't work properly if you have made other topological changes in between. For more information, see Cloning and Copying Topology.

Tasks: Topology/Copy and Merge

Output Ports: Execute_on_Copy

In Name

Connect the name of an attribute on the source polygon mesh, or a prefix to use with Reference.

Source Name

Specify texture projection or ICE attribute on the source to use as texture UV coordinates. If anything is connected to In Name, it gets prefixed to the name specified here.

Target Name

The name you want to use for the attribute on the clone that can be used as texture UV coordinates.

NoteFor homogeneous texture coordinates such as a camera projection, you should also set a per-object Boolean attribute to 1 (True) using this attribute name with "_IsHomogeneous" appended.