Emit from Position

This compound emits new particles from any point in global space.

Plug this compound's Emit output into the ICETree node. This compound should be plugged in to the first port of the ICETree node because you usually need to emit particles before any other node or compound can be evaluated.

For more information, see Emitting Particles from a Position in Space [ICE Particle Simulations].

Tasks: Particles/Emitters

Output Ports: Emit


Turns the particle emission on and off.

Emission Parameters

The other Emission parameters are the same as the Emission parameters in the Emit from Geometry compound.

Emit Position

The point in global XYZ space from which particles are emitted. For example, a value of 0,0,0 emits particles from the global origin of the scene.

Direction and Speed


Set this value to control the initial direction of movement for all new particles. These values use global XYZ space. If you set all the axes values to 0, the particles are emitted but stay stuck to the emitter. The particle's direction stays the same over its lifetime until some type of force changes it.

See ICE Particle Direction [ICE Particle Simulations] for more information.

Randomize Direction Start Angle

Randomizes the direction of the particle as they're emitted within a range as defined by the start and end angles. These values are in degrees. A range of 0 - 360 degrees is a full rotation.

Randomize Direction End Angle

The end angle of the range in which particles are randomized.


Defines the speed at which new particles are moving when they are emitted, which is the number of Softimage units per second. If this value is set to 0, the particles are emitted, but simply remain on the emitting object.

This parameter controls only the initial speed, but you can change it over time using a compound such as Modulate Velocity Over Time.

See ICE Particle Speed [ICE Particle Simulations] for more information.

Initial Values

These parameters are the same as the Initial Value parameters in the Emit from Geometry compound.