Returns a Long representing the number of items in the collection.


VBScript Example

Dim oColl                             ' object pointer for collection
Dim i                           ' counter to use in the loop
' Create the collection as an ActiveX object
Set oColl = CreateObject("XSI.Collection")
' Add some items to it 
oColl.Add "Camera"
oColl.Add "Light"
' Use the number of items to loop through the collection
' (use Count - 1 because the index starts at 0, not one)
For i = 0 to oColl.Count - 1
        LogMessage "Hi! My name is " & oColl(i).Name & _
                " and I am at index " & i & " in the collection."
' Output of above script:
'INFO : "Hi! My name is Camera and I am at index 0 in the collection."
'INFO : "Hi! My name is light and I am at index 1 in the collection."