Edit the original objects after a boolean operation


The objects you combine in a boolean operation cannot be selected in the scene.

When construction history is enabled, you can select and edit the objects using the Hypergraph, Outliner, Channel Box or Attribute Editor.

To select an input object

  1. After performing a boolean operation, select the input object you want to transform in the Hypergraph (Window > Hypergraph: Hierarchy).
  2. In the scene view, the object's wireframe color becomes purple, indicating that you are working on an object’s history node.

To make an input object visible

  1. Select the object's transform node in the Hypergraph.
  2. In the transform node's Attribute Editor, turn on Visibility (Display > Visibility).
  3. In the shape node's Attribute Editor, turn off Intermediate Object (Object Display > Intermediate Object).

    The input object appears in the scene.

    Any changes you make to the input object are automatically applied to the boolean operation.

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