Combine polygon meshes using booleans


To prepare for the boolean operation

  1. Ensure that your object's normals are all pointing in the correct direction.

    The boolean operation will check the direction of the normals to determine whether a surface points inward or outward. If the normals are reversed, the boolean operation will also be reversed.

To combine meshes using a boolean operation

  1. Select the meshes.

    Note Booleans let you extract multiple meshes from your first selection in one Difference operation. Select the mesh you want to subtract from first, and then -select other meshes.

  2. Select Mesh > Booleans, and then select a boolean operation.

    The faces of the objects are now connected and the original meshes act as one single object.

    Note Non-planar faces are automatically triangulated before the operation is performed.

  3. Adjust the attributes in the polyCBoolOp node.
    NoteA polyBoolOp node is created when you perform a boolean operation using the legacy boolean algorithm.
  4. (Optional) Edit the original objects to tweak your boolean operation.

    When construction history is enabled, the original objects can be selected in the Channel Box, Hypergraph, Attribute Editor, or Outliner and edited. Any changes you make to the original objects are automatically applied to the boolean result.

    For example, you can subtract a sphere from a cube using the Difference operation, and then animate the original sphere to create an interesting effect.

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