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This node warps the input time according to its attribute values. Typically the output is connected to an animCurve input, so that the warp curve modifies the timing of the animCurve. This node is also used by the Fcurve Editor's time warp manipulator.

The 2 primary attributes used to control the warp are "origFrames" and "endFrames". The origFrames attribute specifies the unwarped frames, while the endFrames attribute specifies the warped frames. As an example, if the origFrames are (0,100) and the endFrames are (100,150), then input times between 1 and 100 will be shifted by 100 and scaled by 0.5 so that a downstream animation curve will playback the keys set from 1-100 between frames 100-150.

Node nameParentsClassificationMFn typeCompatible function sets

Related nodes

animCurve, animCurveUT, animCurveUU, animCurveUA, animCurveTU, animCurveUL, animCurveTA, animCurveTL, animBlend, animBlendInOut

Attributes (6)

apply, endFrames, input, interpType, origFrames, output

Long name (short name)TypeDefaultFlags
input (i) time0outputinputconnectable
Time at which to evaluate. Uses the global scene time if no other input exists.
output (o) time0filmoutputconnectable
Evaluated time value of the time warp at the input time.
origFrames (of) doubleArrayemptyoutputinputconnectablestorable
The unwarped frame values.
endFrames (ef) doubleArrayemptyoutputinputconnectablestorable
The warped frame values.
interpType (it) intArrayemptyoutputinputconnectablestorable
The interpolation to use. Valid values are 0 = linear, 1 = ease-in, 2 = ease-out. Invalid or unspecified values are treated as linear.
apply (a) functionNULLoutputconnectable
Function attribute to get the value of the param curve at a point