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Special case of a blind data template node. Used as a template node for the blind data on the polygons that holds hierarchical edits for subdivision surfaces.

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Related nodes

subdivToPoly, subdivCollapse, polyToSubdiv, subdivComponentId, nurbsToSubdiv, subdBlindData, subdiv

Attributes (1)


Long name (short name)TypeDefaultFlags
whichOneIndex (woi) integer-1outputinputstorable
This gives us a way to know the number of attributes on this template node without actually counting them. There will be 5 * 2^woi attributes available. The maximum number of attributes is 5 * 2^6. If the value of this attribute is greater than 6, then it means that this is a node with the same number of attributes (as one with woi = 6), but with a different typeId - blindData mechanism in maya disallows having multiple subdHierBlind nodes with the same typeId.