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This node produces a polygon surface based on a NURBS shell and several tesselation parameters. You can choose to produce either 3-sided polygons or 4-sided polygons with the "polygonType" attribute.

There are three formats for controlling the output polygon surface:

Triangle Count lets you specify the exact number of resulting polygons by using the polygonCount attribute.

Standard Fit lets you fit polygons based on tolerances to the NURBS surface. You can control chordHeightRatio, fractionalTolerance, minEdgeLength, and delta.

General lets you control tesselation along the two surface directions, while keeping within specified tolerances. You can control uType, uNumber, vType, vNumber, useChordHeight, chordHeight, useChordHeightRatio, chordHeightRatio, and edgeSwap. This type of tessellation first generates a polygon surface based on the Type and Number attributes, then examines the polygons to determine if they meet the other attributes for chord height, chord height ratio and edge swap. This is performed recursively until all criteria have been met, or a depth of 10 recursions has been reached.

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Related nodes

transformGeometry, rebuildSurface

Attributes (1)


Long name (short name)TypeDefaultFlags
inputShell (is) nurbsShellNULLoutputinputconnectable
The input shell