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This is the base node for nodes that are temporarily created by the graph editor when the graphEditor is switched to "showResults" mode. A node is created for every selected channel.

The graphEditor is typically switched to showResults mode when the user would like to get a visual display of the animation curve that would be driving a channel if it were driven by an animation curve. This option is normally used when the channel is being driven by a timeWarp or an expression or something on those lines.

When a switch is made to "showResults" mode, the time range between which the channel needs to be evaluated is dictated by the display boundaries of the graphEditor. The sampling frequency at which the evaluation is performed defaults to 1.0 time unit (in current units). We do not have UI support to modify this value, but, it can be specified (modified) by using the "animCurveEditor" command.

Result animation curves are only created for situations where time is the driving input. There are four types of such curves which are based on the type of output attribute of the node. The types supported include:

When these nodes are introduced, the graph is wired up in a slightly different manner. There is a connection going from the attribute whose result is being displayed by this node to the "aInputResult" attribute which is defined in the derived classes.

This node is abstract

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Attributes (3)

end, sampleBy, start

Long name (short name)TypeDefaultFlags
start (st) time0filmoutputinputconnectablestorable
Time at which to start the evaluation of the result curve.
end (et) time30filmoutputinputconnectablestorable
Time to perform the evaluation until.
sampleBy (sby) time1filmoutputinputconnectablestorable
Specifies the frequency at which the evaluation is to be performed.