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This class defines the multilister light. It is a very simple light that has a constant direction and colour.

This node is MP safe

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Related nodes

materialInfo, defaultLightList, opticalFX, shaderGlow

Attributes (19)

lightAmbient, lightBlindData, lightData, lightDiffuse, lightDirection, lightDirectionX, lightDirectionY, lightDirectionZ, lightIntensity, lightIntensityB, lightIntensityG, lightIntensityR, lightShadowFraction, lightSpecular, pointCamera, pointCameraX, pointCameraY, pointCameraZ, preShadowIntensity

Long name (short name)TypeDefaultFlags
pointCamera (p) float31.0, 1.0, 1.0inputconnectablestorable
The surface point.
pointCameraX (px) float0.0inputconnectablestorable
The x-component of the position.
pointCameraY (py) float0.0inputconnectablestorable
The y-component of the position.
pointCameraZ (pz) float0.0inputconnectablestorable
The z-component of the position.
lightData (ltd) lightDataNULLoutputconnectable
The lighting information this node computes.
lightDirection (ld) float3outputconnectable
The light direction.
lightDirectionX (ldx) float0.0outputconnectable
The x component of the direction.
lightDirectionY (ldy) float0.0outputconnectable
The y component of the direction.
lightDirectionZ (ldz) float0.0outputconnectable
The z component of the direction.
lightIntensity (li) float3outputconnectable
The light intensity (its a colour).
lightIntensityR (lir) float0.0outputconnectable
The red component of the intensity.
lightIntensityG (lig) float0.0outputconnectable
The green component of the intensity.
lightIntensityB (lib) float0.0outputconnectable
The blue component of the intensity.
lightAmbient (la) boolfalseoutputconnectable
The boolean that indicates if the light has an ambient component.
lightDiffuse (ldf) boolfalseoutputconnectable
The boolean that indicates if the light has a diffuse component.
lightSpecular (ls) boolfalseoutputconnectable
The boolean that indicates if the light has a specular component.
lightShadowFraction (lsf) float0.0outputconnectable
The visibility fraction to the light. value is in [0,1]
preShadowIntensity (psi) float0.0outputconnectable
The intensity before shadow compution
lightBlindData (lbd) addrNULLoutputconnectablehidden
The pointer to the light's blind data.