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Compute a non rational circular arc (bspline form).
The degree of the created arc can be linear or cubic and is controlled using the attribute "degree". The number of spans of the curve can be controlled using the attribute "sections".
The computed arc's center, sweep angle and the normal of the plane containing the arc can be queried using the output attributes "center", "sweep" and "normal" respectively. The created arc is available at "outputCurve" and is non-rational.

This node is abstract

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Related nodes

makeNurbCircle, makeTwoPointCircularArc, makeThreePointCircularArc

Attributes (12)

center, centerX, centerY, centerZ, degree, normal, normalX, normalY, normalZ, outputCurve, sections, sweep

Long name (short name)TypeDefaultFlags
degree (d) enum3outputinputconnectablestorablekeyable
The degree of the resulting circular arc. 1 - linear, 3 - cubic
sections (s) integer8outputinputconnectablestorablekeyable
The number of sections on the arc.
center (c) double3outputconnectable
Output, the center point of the circular arc
centerX (cx) distance (double)0.0cmoutputconnectable
Output, X coord of the center point.
centerY (cy) distance (double)0.0cmoutputconnectable
Output, Y of the center point.
centerZ (cz) distance (double)0.0cmoutputconnectable
Output Z of the center point.
normal (nr) double3outputconnectable
Ouput, the normal of the plane in which the circular arc will lie.
normalX (nrx) distance (double)0.0cmoutputconnectable
Output, X of the normal direction.
normalY (nry) distance (double)0.0cmoutputconnectable
Output, Y of the normal direction.
normalZ (nrz) distance (double)0.0cmoutputconnectable
Output, Z of the normal direction.
sweep (sw) angle (double)0.0degoutputconnectable
The sweep angle of circular arc in radians.
outputCurve (oc) nurbsCurveNULLoutputconnectable
Output circular arc curve.