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A locator marks a position in world space or underworld space. A locator appears as a small gnomon, with lines extending in each major direction (along the X, Y and Z axis). You can also use point snapping to snap to a locator position.

Node nameParentsClassificationMFn typeCompatible function sets

Related nodes

positionMarker, orientationMarker

Attributes (13)

localPosition, localPositionX, localPositionY, localPositionZ, localScale, localScaleX, localScaleY, localScaleZ, underWorldObject, worldPosition, worldPositionX, worldPositionY, worldPositionZ

Long name (short name)TypeDefaultFlags
underWorldObject (uwo) boolfalseoutputinputstorablehidden
Specifies if the locator is defined in world space or in underworld space. True means the locator is defined in underworld space.
localPosition (lp) double30.0, 0.0, 0.0outputinputconnectablestorable
Locator's position in local space coordinates.
localPositionX (lpx) distance (double)0.0cmoutputinputconnectablestorable
Local location in X.
localPositionY (lpy) distance (double)0.0cmoutputinputconnectablestorable
Local location in Y.
localPositionZ (lpz) distance (double)0.0cmoutputinputconnectablestorable
Local location in Z.
worldPosition (wp) double30.0, 0.0, 0.0arrayoutputconnectable
Locator's position in world space coordinates. This position includes all transformations above the locator.
worldPositionX (wpx) distance (double)0.0cmoutputconnectable
World space location in X.
worldPositionY (wpy) distance (double)0.0cmoutputconnectable
World space location in Y.
worldPositionZ (wpz) distance (double)0.0cmoutputconnectable
World space location in Z.
localScale (los) double31.0, 1.0, 1.0outputinputconnectablestorable
Locator's local scale
localScaleX (lsx) distance (double)1.0cmoutputinputconnectablestorable
Local scale in X.
localScaleY (lsy) distance (double)1.0cmoutputinputconnectablestorable
Local scale in Y.
localScaleZ (lsz) distance (double)1.0cmoutputinputconnectablestorable
Local scale in Z.