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Image source abstract base class. An image source concrete class outputs a 2D image, and provides optional explicit camera, pass, and layer context so that a renderer knows what to output. The explicit camera and layer context is not implemented in this class and can be overridden in derived classes. The default implementation is to use the current camera and layer to produce the 2D image output.

This node is abstract

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Attributes (13)

fileHasAlpha, outAlpha, outColor, outColorB, outColorG, outColorR, outSize, outSizeX, outSizeY, outTransparency, outTransparencyB, outTransparencyG, outTransparencyR

Long name (short name)TypeDefaultFlags
outColor (oc) float30.0, 0.0, 0.0outputconnectable
Out Color is the color computed by this texture. Connect this value to a Color attribute of a shader or another texture to texture map that color.
outColorR (ocr) float0.0outputconnectable
Out Color red value.
outColorG (ocg) float0.0outputconnectable
Out Color green value.
outColorB (ocb) float0.0outputconnectable
Out Color blue value.
outAlpha (oa) float0.0outputconnectable
Out Alpha is the alpha (mask) value computed by texture. Connect this value to a bump node or a displacement node of a shader to use this texture as a bump or displacement map.
outSize (os) float2outputconnectable
The size of the file texture
outSizeX (osx) float0.0outputconnectable
The width of the file texture
outSizeY (osy) float0.0outputconnectable
The height of the file texture
fileHasAlpha (fha) boolfalseoutputconnectablehidden
Is set to true if the file on disk has an alpha channel for which one or more pixels have alpha != 1, false otherwise.
outTransparency (ot) float30.0, 0.0, 0.0outputconnectable
Out Transparency is the transparency computed by this texture. Each channel of Out Transparency (R, G, B) is 1 - outAlpha. Connect this value to a transparency attribute of a shader to texture map that color.
outTransparencyR (otr) float0.0outputconnectable
Out Transparency red value.
outTransparencyG (otg) float0.0outputconnectable
Out Transparency green value.
outTransparencyB (otb) float0.0outputconnectable
Out Transparency blue value.