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This node implements a decimation resampling filter used by the applyTake command to process recorded motion capture data. The attributes of the node are settings which affect the operation of the filter as it is invoked by applyTake. These settings are preserved when the scene file is saved.

The resample filter converts from either uniform or non-uniform timestep input data samples to the specified uniform timeStep. Various time domain filters are available and are specified with the kernel attribute which selects the resampling kernel applied to the incoming data.

Kernel Values
100 Pass through: disables resampling
200 Closest sample to output timestamp
300 Linear interpolation between closest samples
400 Box filter: moving average
500 Tent filter: (1 - |x|) weighted moving average
600 Gaussian2 Filter: (2^(-2x*x)) weighted moving average
700 Gaussian4 Filter: (2^(-4x*x)) weighted moving average


This filter is only targeted at decimation resampling -- interpolation resampling is basically unsupported. If your output framerate is much higher than your input frame rate (approximate, as the input timestep is not assumed to be regular) the lirp and tent will interpolate (usually) and the rest will either average, or use the closest sample (depending on the phase and frequency of the input). However this mode of operation is neither supported nor encouraged.

Since the base class inputs (comprising the input and output data and timestamp values) to this node are unconnectable, this node cannot be used in a traditional dependency graph sense.

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Related nodes

filter, filterClosestSample, filterEuler, filterSimplify

Attributes (2)

kernel, timeStep

Long name (short name)TypeDefaultFlags
timeStep (ts) time0filmoutputinputconnectablestorable
Sets the output period in the current time unit. If zero, the period is 1.0 in the current time unit. Note, if the current time units are seconds, or millisecond, this default is likely not to be useful or desirable.
kernel (kr) enum600outputinputconnectablestorable
Kernel to use for the resampling. See table above for enumeration