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The 'dpBirailSrf' node computes a NURBS surface by sweeping a NURBS profile towards a second NURBS profile along two given NURBS rail curves. The profile curves should intersect the rail curves. The profiles and rails may be surface curves i.e. isoparams, curve on surfaces or trimmed edges.

The input attributes 'tangentContinuityProfile1', 'tangentContinuityProfile2' can be used to build the surface to be tangent continuous with the underlying surfaces on the profiles.

During the sweep, the input profile at 'inputProfile1' is also blended w.r.t. the second profile at 'inputProfile2'. The fraction of blend is determined by the attribute 'blendFactor'. A blend factor of 1.0 implies the profile at 'inputProfile1' has a greater influence in the surface computation.

Using the attribute 'transformMode',the profiles can be scaled proportionately or non proportionately. The scaling is done in x,y,z coordinates using an internal local coordinate frame. The legal values are : 0 - Non proportional , 1 - proportional.

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Related nodes

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Attributes (5)

blendFactor, inputProfile1, inputProfile2, tangentContinuityProfile1, tangentContinuityProfile2

Long name (short name)TypeDefaultFlags
inputProfile1 (ip1) nurbsCurveNULLoutputinputconnectable
input profile curve1
inputProfile2 (ip2) nurbsCurveNULLoutputinputconnectable
input profile curve2
blendFactor (bl) double0.5outputinputconnectablestorablekeyable
A blend factor applied in between the two profiles. The amount of influence 'inputProfile1' has in the surface creation.
tangentContinuityProfile1 (tp1) boolfalseoutputinputconnectablestorablekeyable
Need tangent continuity across the input profile at inputProfile1.
tangentContinuityProfile2 (tp2) boolfalseoutputinputconnectablestorablekeyable
Need tangent continuity across the input curve at inputProfile2.