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This node handles deletion of components (parts) from geometry. The node deletes the specified components from the input geometry and sends the modified geometry out as output.

This node is created when components (typically, CVs, Faces and Vertices) are selected and deleted using the "delete" command.

Node nameParentsMFn typeCompatible function sets

Related nodes

arrayMapper, script

Attributes (7)

deleteComponents, edgeIdMap, faceIdMap, inputGeometry, outputGeometry, useOldPolyArchitecture, vertexIdMap

Long name (short name)TypeDefaultFlags
inputGeometry (ig) Genericn/aoutputinputconnectable
The input geometry to be modified
deleteComponents (dc) componentListNULLoutputinputconnectablestorable
Components to be deleted from the geometry data flowing through the node
outputGeometry (og) Genericn/aoutputconnectable
The output modified geometry
useOldPolyArchitecture (uopa) boolfalseoutputinputstorablehidden
Attribute to specify if the old poly architecture needs to be used for the evaluation of this node. This attribute only makes sense when this node is deleting polygonal components. THIS ATTRIBUTE SHOULD NOT BE SET OR MODIFIED BY THE USER!!
vertexIdMap (vmap) boolfalseoutputinputhidden
Should the API watch for the vertex ID modification?
edgeIdMap (emap) boolfalseoutputinputhidden
Should the API watch for the edge ID modification?
faceIdMap (fmap) boolfalseoutputinputhidden
Should the API watch for the face ID modification?