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The cacheBase node is an abstract node that serves as the base class for caching-related operations.

This node is abstract

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Attributes (3)

inRange, outCacheArrayData, outCacheData

Long name (short name)TypeDefaultFlags
outCacheData (ocd) Genericn/aarrayoutputinputconnectablehidden
The vector array read from disk for this frame for the associated channel.
outCacheArrayData (ocad) genericArrayemptyoutputconnectablehidden
This attribute holds all the cached channels for a node at once It is meant for use with caches for nodes such as nParticle that have a variable and possibly large number of channels, so that we can access different subsets of the data without reconnecting individual attributes
inRange (ir) bool1outputconnectable
Returns true if the currentTime is within the start and end of the cache.