Functions and classes related to scripting, including MelGlobals and Mel


callbacks This command allows you to add callbacks at key times during UI creation so that the Maya UI can be extended. The list
conditionExists Returns True if the named condition exists, False otherwise.
evalEcho Derived from mel command maya.cmds.evalEcho
getLastError Derived from mel command maya.cmds.getLastError
getMelType return the name of the closest MEL type equivalent for the given python object.
getProcArguments Derived from mel command maya.cmds.getProcArguments
python Derived from mel command maya.cmds.python
pythonToMel convert a python object to a string representing an equivalent value in mel
pythonToMelCmd Given a mel command name, and a set of python args / kwargs, return
resourceManager List resources matching certain properties.
scriptJob This command creates a “script job”, which is a MEL command or script. This job is attached to the named condition,
stackTrace Flags:
waitCursor This command sets/resets a wait cursor for the entire Maya application. This works as a stack, such that for each


Catch Reproduces the behavior of the mel command of the same name.
Env A Singleton class to represent Maya current optionVars and settings
Mel This class is a convenience for calling mel scripts from python, but if you are like me, you’ll quickly find that it is a necessity.
MelGlobals A dictionary-like class for getting and setting global variables between mel and python.
OptionVarDict A singleton dictionary-like class for accessing and modifying optionVars.


MelArgumentError The arguments passed to the MEL script are incorrect
MelConversionError MEL cannot process a conversion or cast between data types
MelError Generic MEL error
MelSyntaxError The MEL script has a syntactical error
MelUnknownProcedureError The called MEL procedure does not exist or has not been sourced

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