Disable dynamics for particles or rigid bodies

You can turn off dynamic animation for selected particle objects and rigid bodies. This is useful when you work on other objects of a scene and temporarily want to avoid unnecessary calculations that slow animation. The motion of keys and other nondynamic objects is unaffected when you disable dynamics.

To disable dynamic calculations for selected particles

  1. Select the particle object.

    For emitted particles, select the emitted particles rather than the emitter. For a soft body, select the geometry or the particles.

  2. In the General Control Attributes section of the Attribute Editor, turn off Is Dynamic.

    If you have not keyed, parented, or otherwise controlled the transform attributes of a particle object, turn off Emission In World to quicken dynamic calculations for the object. When Emission In World is on, Maya makes extra computations to convert world space to object space coordinates.

To disable dynamics for all rigid bodies controlled by a solver

  1. If you’ve created multiple solvers, first select the solver from the list in Solvers > Current Rigid Solver > rigidSolver#.
  2. Select Solvers > Create Rigid Body Solver to display the Attribute Editor.
  3. In the Rigid Solver States section, turn off State.

    This turns off the effect of fields, collisions, and rigid body constraints for the rigid bodies it controls. Remember to turn State on again when you want the rigid bodies to operate again—including rigid bodies you’ve created after you turned off State.